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Rawalpindi Islamabad Metro bus project’s Route Map

ISLAMABAD Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif laid the foundation stone of the project of Metrobus of Rawalpindi-Islamabad Sunday. He said the country is facing many challenges, including the murder of the target, terrorism and illiteracy, vowing that the Government will take measures to rid the country of these challenges.Rawalpindi Islamabad Metro bus projects Rawalpindi Islamabad Metro bus projects Route Map
Addressing the first stone, ceremony of the metro bus from Rawalpindi-Islamabad, the Prime Minister proposed enjoyed the performance of Shahbaz Sharif for projects quickly; saying that Shahbaz Sharif had quite an expertise in the realization of projects in record time.
Nawaz said that Shahbaz Sharif has emulated the example of the highway project that is is completed by the federal Government in the shortest amount of time, while during this period the Government PML – N has been removed. “This is why after his arrival in power again, despite the loss of time, did not delay us this project”.
While responding to the call launched by the Prime Minister for the revision of the formula fifty-fifty the funds for the project of bus metro by the Federal Government and the Government of Punjab, Nawaz Sharif stated that the performance of Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif as Prime Minister has been exemplary.
He said that during the tenure of five years previous of Shahbaz Sharif, it has completed development projects including bus Lahore metro in record time, while now in the beginning of the occupation for the next five years, it is ushering in a revolution in the province by launching projects such as Rawalpindi Islamabad metro bus.
Earlier in his speech, the Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, addressing Prime Minister claimed that the bus metro project was assessed as the first part of the metro to Faizabad interchange bus service was high, which cost more than expected, even if section of subway bus Islamabad on the ground floor would cost less.
Shahbaz Sharif requested that fifty-fifty proposed funding formula should be revisited, since more land will be acquired in Rawalpindi and its payment must be effected at the market value.Rawalpindi Islamabad Metro bus projects Route Map Rawalpindi Islamabad Metro bus projects Route Map


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